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Dolci Café
Kastro, Sifnos - Our favorite café in Kastro, the picturesque village of the east coast. Beautifully decorated terrace with a nice view, cool jazz music, friendly atmosphere.
Hotel Kamari
Kamares, Sifnos - Close to the village and the beach, Hotel Kamari offers large renovated rooms for 2 or 3 people, as well as 2 apartments for up to 8 people.
Makis Camping
Kamares, Sifnos - The only campsite in Sifnos, vast, shady and very well equipped. It also offers some spots for motorhomes, as well as very comfortable studios.
Apollonia, Sifnos - One of the best restaurants in Sifnos, located in Apollonia, capital of the island. It is very easy to find: just go up the "Steno", the lively alley where the night life of the village is concentrated.
Pleiades Jewellery
Kamares, Sifnos - This tiny jewellery shop is actually the Kamares branch of the Pleiades Jewellery and Workshop, which you will find in Apollonia, capital of the island.
Pleiades Jewellery and Workshop
Apollonia, Sifnos - A jewellery and workshop you discover while strolling along the "Steno", this long and lively alley where are concentrated the shops, bars, cafes and restaurants of Apollonia.
Sifnos Travel
Kamares, Sifnos - This small travel agency is located in the main street of Kamares, a short distance from the port. It will help you find an accommodation and rent a car.
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