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A brand new gourmet restaurant and cocktail bar in Chora, opened in 2017, which is already renowned as one of the best tables in the capital of Naxos.
Cigars, vapes, tobacco, CBD, hemps, wines, spirits, bongs, pipes, nargile, hookah.
Fun Car & Rides provides brand new vehicles which are absolutely safe, with extra comforts for free, like baby seats.
Excellent Greek tavern in the Old Market streets, established in 1908 - the oldest one in Naxos, a real institution!
An excellent Greek tavern located on the sea promenade of Chora, with a big shady terrace.
This very good tavern is located directly on one of the most beautiful beaches of Mikri Vigla.
This beautiful hotel is located near the beaches of Mikri Vigla, a destination on the west coast of Naxos renowned as a kite surf and sailboard spot.
Renovated in 2018, Panos Studios are located a stone's throw from Agios Georgios Beach, in Chora, capital and port of Naxos.
A very small old fashioned shop at the entrance of Halkio.
A small travel agency in Mikri Vigla, on the west coast of Naxos.
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