Paros was the birthplace of the Pictorial Guide of the Cyclades in 2012, it's the island where we have stopped every year since 2006, and the one where we created the largest number of 360° projects.

We created virtual strolls in Parikia, Naoussa, Drios, Chrysi Akti and Ambelas, featuring virtual tours of local companies that we personally recommend.

We have also made countless shots in Lefkes, Kostos, Kolybithres, Piso Livadi and many other fascinating places. Enjoy!

Nestled on the slope of the mountain above Parikia, it's a dream spot to admire the sunset. This monastery is still active and is not permanently open. Appropriate clothing and respectful attitude are of course required.
Cape Agios Fokas closes Parikia Bay to the north. Superb church, nice little beaches, panoramic view of Parikia and tranquility (neither bar nor tavern in the immediate vicinity).
Located at the entrance of the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros facing Naoussa, this former monastery is the setting for a permanent exhibition dedicated to the cartography of Paros drawn during the Russian occupation, from 1770 to 1775.
A small seaside village south-west of Paros, facing the desert islets surrounded by the "Blue Lagoon" (accessible by boat). Nice beaches, taverns and bars. A perfect destination if your holiday ideal is to laze on a beach and swim.
A small seaside destination on the east coast of Paros, quiet and less than 4km south-east of Naoussa. A small beach, restaurants and many accommodations.
North and south of Cape Kratzi, on the east coast (see pin on the map), you will find two beautiful beaches, Molos and Kalogheros. The smaller one to the south is located at the foot of an amazing colourful cliff.
On either side of Cape Honi (see pin on map) you find two of the most famous beaches of Paros, Chrysi Akti and Nea Chrysi Akti. The nickname of these crowded beaches is well deserved!
The Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, in front of Naoussa, is located at Detis Peninsula. Easy and picturesque trails, beach of Monastiri (sheltered from the wind), small open-air theatre, former monastery with museum, and tavern. A great place, managed by volunteers.
A small village on the southeastern coast of Paros. Small beach, taverns, strange rocks plunging into the sea. A nice and little known place, far from the crowd.
One of the most famous beaches of Paros, in an absolutely extraordinary rocky chaos. If the rocks were not plunging into crystal clear water, you could really think you're walking on the moon! A magical place that will amaze you!
Close to Lefkes but less known, this small traditional village is one of the hidden jewels of Paros. As it's located below the road that connects Parikia to Lefkes, it's likely you'll see it only from afar, but it's worth the (small) detour.
The most visited village in the hinterland, on the slopes of Aghii Pantes (Profitis Ilias), highest mountain of Paros. Beautiful churches, picturesque alleys, amazing sights.
The ancient marble quarries near Marathi. The marble of Paros is the most translucent in the world and it was used to carve the Venus de Milo, among others. A nice hike, but do not venture into the galleries, it's a very dangerous place, without any security!
The picturesque fishing port of northern Paros has become one of the most popular destinations on the island. A labyrinth of lively streets, many terraces on the harbor, watching the ruins of an ancient Venetian kastro.
Parikia is the port and capital of Paros. A picturesque village with a lively Market Street, a long sea promenade lined with restaurants and bars, an impressive basilica, and much more.
A small fishing village on the east coast, facing Naxos. It's a nice seaside destination, with a small beach, taverns and bars, which extends south to the beautiful beaches of Logaras and Pounda.
On the west coast of Paros, 8 km southwest of Parikia, the Pounta pier is the starting point of the small ferry shuttle to Antiparos. You can also go to Antiparos with a "karavaki" (small passenger boat) from Parikia.
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