With its amazing beaches, high mountains, small rivers running through green landscapes and picturesque capital, Andros is a paradise to mix seaside pleasures and beautiful hikes.
Aghios Georghios Faralis
This strange church is not mentioned in the guides and it's one of the secret places of Andros. It stands beside the road and attracts attention by its unusual shape. You will not be able to enter but its architecture and its environment will seduce you.
Agios Kyprianos
A small beach halfway between Gavrio and Batsi, with a mix of sand and pebbles and a pretty chapel. There is a tavern with a parking and a large terrace in the immediate vicinity.
Agios Petros Beach
A long sandy beach near the port of Gavrio, equipped and exposed to the wind, with a beach bar and taverns nearby. It's the largest beach in Andros and it's very popular. Buses stop there and it's easy to park.
Agios Petros Tower
A Hellenistic tower probably built between the 4th and 3rd century BC. It had at least 5 floors and is almost 20 m high. You can only see it from the outside and it's not easy to find, but it's worth the hike, the scenery around is amazing!
A wonderful area for hikes in an exuberant nature. Nice trails, lazy river, Foros Cave (which can be visited with a guide), old bridges... Photos and map show the old Aladhino bridge, not far from the cave.
A village on the road connecting Chora to Batsi over the mountains. It's famous for its Sariza spring, which excellent mineral water is bottled and even exported to other islands. You may have drunk Andros water without knowing it!
The north-east coast of Andros, very wild and accessible by bumpy roads, offers great surprises like the beaches of Ateni: a large windy beach south of the chapel, a small beach sheltered from the wind to the north.
The pretty village of Batsi, 8 km from the port of Gavrio, is the main seaside destination of Andros. A beautiful beach, excellent restaurants overlooking the sea, small paths in the greenery that connect the village heights to the sea promenade. A true paradise!
Chora, the capital of Andros, is a city of some 2,000 inhabitants, with a modern part and above all a picturesque old town perched on a promontory. At the end, a statue of the unknown sailor watches over the ruins of a Venetian kastro. Absolutely exceptional!
A large beach 5 km north of the port of Gavrio, unequipped but shady. The waters are crystalline and many consider it one of the most beautiful in Andros. No bar on the beach but there is a tavern nearby.
The port of Andros, northwest of the island, is 32 km away from the capital Chora, on the east coast. Nearly an hour's journey, under normal traffic conditions! Gavrio has little charm, but it's a good starting point to hike in the north of the island and to go to the beautiful beaches of the west coast.
Two beaches just north of Chora, in a green landscape. Stenies, the "Captains' Village", is just above, on the first slopes of the Petalo Massif. Empros Ghialia is a pebble beach in front of a good tavern, while Piso Ghialia is a sandy beach with sunbeds and bar.
A beautiful beach with a bar during the summer season. It is easily accessible by a good road that leaves from the west coast road, at the intersection of the Chora and Ormos Korthiou roads (a few km after Paleopoli). In spring, it is deserted and surrounded by vegetation and flowers.
Do you wish to sit for a few minutes in a quiet spot with a beautiful view? This nice place with some benches is waiting for you on the road to Batsi, just after the exit of Gavrio, shortly before the beautiful beaches of the west coast.
A small and green village where sources feed a series of fountains with lion's heads. According to the legend, once upon a time, it was wine that was flowing out of the lion's maws and wine festivals were organized here. Naturally, the place is known as the "Fountains of Dionysus".
Ormos Korthiou
The most remote seaside village, some 37 km from the port of Gavrio if you take the most direct route. Beautiful beaches, good taverns and extraordinary landscapes. Ormos Korthiou is a bit far from everything, but the trip is worth it!
The former capital of Andros, which flourished from the Classical Era to the Roman occupation. It's now a village scattered in the greenery on the slopes of Mount Petalo, with a small museum. The archaeological site is below and, from far, you can see the piers of the ancient submerged port.
Built on the slopes of Mount Gerakones just above the village of Fallika, the most beautiful Byzantine monastery of Andros was built in the 10th century. You go there by small roads either from Aladhino (near the Gavrio-Chora road) or from Vouni (on the Chora-Ormos Korthiou road).
The Pythara Falls, near Apikia, are a wonderful hiking destination, especially during springtime. It's a nice walk on an easy path, in amazing landscapes. Our photos and panoramas were taken at the falls and along the trail to give you a preview.
The road connecting Batsi to the capital Chora over the mountains offers amazing views that invite you to hike. These photos and the 360° panorama were shot near the hamlet of Remata, a small group of houses at the bottom of the valley.
A small village with a traditional architecture, stone houses and paved streets, in a very green setting. Its nickname is "village of the captains", as many boat captains built their summer residence here.
Tis Ghrias to Pidhima
One of the most famous beaches of Andros, just north of Ormos Korthiou. It's not very big but particularly scenic with its vertiginous rock that stands like a tower in crystal clear water. Its name means "the old lady's jump" and refers to a local legend.
Tourlitis Lighthouse
Built in 1887 and renovated in 1994, it has been the first automated lighthouse in Greece. It stands on an isolated rock surrounded by reefs, in the prolongation of the promontory of Chora and its kastro. From a distance, it looks big but in fact the lighthouse is only 7 m high and the total height is 19 m. It can not be visited.
A hamlet lost between two mountain ranges. Nothing special, but you will pass there if you take the road that connects Batsi to Chora over the mountains. It's a winding road but quite good and offering amazing panoramic views.
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