Thirassia (Santorini)

Since the explosion of the volcano in 1600 BC, Santorini is like a little archipelago. The real name of the main island is Thíra and, just in front, Thirassía is the second inhabited island, much less touristic. It's a real good place to escape the crowd!

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Thirassia (Santorini)

When you get tired of the ubiquitous crowd in Thira and Oia, the time is right to go for a stroll in Thirassia, the opposite island!

There is so much to see and do in Thira that, let's admit it, we have not yet landed in Thirassia. But in a next edition of this guide we will feature this rather mysterious island!

All we can say for now is that Thirassia remained wild, far from the frenetic development of Thira. There are some rooms to let and some taverns, a village perched on the cliff and a single taxi.

The only really lively place is the port of Korfos, stopover of some volcano tour boats. A place to avoid if you are looking for solitude!

Some regular ferries stop in Thirassia, but for daily connections you must take a boat or a small ferry from one of the ports of Thira.
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