Kea (Tzia)

Close to the mainland, a beautiful but little known island. Rather difficult to access, as the ferries serving it start from the port of Lavrio (south of Attica), far from Athens and Piraeus.

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Kea (Tzia)

Kea (Κέα), better known as Tzia (Τζια), is the island closest to the mainland, but paradoxically it's one of the most difficult to access.

Its capital, Ioulis (or Ioulidha), is located on the heights, like most ancient Cycladic settlements, for fear of pirates, and is quite picturesque.

Kea has been recently rediscovered by Athenians as a convenient destination for week-ends and yachting trips, but you can reach it only from the port of Lavrio, at 2-hour bus trip from Athens.

Going to Lavrio is an exhausting journey, except if you take a taxi (30 minutes from the airport or 75 minutes from the center of Athens). But it costs 50 euros from the airport and 65 euros from Syntagma (and even more after midnight).

The KTEL bus is of course much cheaper! From the airport you take the bus to Markopoulo (about half-way), then a 2nd bus to Lavrio. From Athens you take the metro M1 to Victoria Station, then you walk on Heiden Street to Pedion Areos where you'll find the bus station.

From Lavrio, it's only a 1-hour cruise. And Kea is definitely worth the trip!
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