Ano Koufonissi

Koufonissia Islands: a mini-archipelago in the mini-archipelago of the Small Cyclades - Kato Koufonissi, Ano Koufonissi, Keros and some islets. One inhabited island, Ano Koufonissi. Beaches with amazing turquoise water.

KATO KOUFONISSI: no permanent inhabitants, a small church, a summer tavern, a few holiday houses, a few shepherds, wild camping enthusiasts and visitors who come just for a day.

ANO KOUFONISSI: a port named Chora (or Koufonissia) and a very small village, Finikas. That's all. Ano Koufonissi is the island with the highest density of population in the Cyclades, with some 300 inhabitants for just 2 sq mi. It's basically an island of fishermen, which welcomes tourists only for a few years.

Koufonissia (in Greek Τα Κουφονήσια) is a name used in the plural, meaning "the hollow islands". Ano ("Upper") and Kato ("Lower") Koufonissi probably take their name from the fact that their coasts are lined with cavities.

Some 20 beaches with crystal-clear waters, spread over both Koufonissia, can be reached on foot or by boat. There is a beautiful beach on Keros too, more difficult to reach.

KEROS is a mysterious island, very protected, because it is full of archaeological treasures. It's in Keros that the most famous Cycladic idols have been found, with their characteristic flat faces.

The Koufonissia are an increasingly popular destination, some people even consider they offer the most beautiful beaches of the Cyclades. If you don't like the crowd, don't go there in July and August!

A detailed map of Ano Koufonissi, usable without connection, is available in the free guide iNaxos for iPhone and iPad:



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