Located just between Iraklia and the Koufonissia mini-archipelago, Schinoussa has nothing to envy to its neighbors. It's quite the opposite: less crowded during the high season, it will delight lovers of tranquility.

Schinoussa is very small, as the other Small Cyclades: 3.3 sq mi and about 250 inhabitants. A small port, Mersini, and a main village, Hora, on a small hill less than a mile away, connected by the only paved road of the island (all the other ones are dirt roads). A very small village a little further north, Messaria, and that's it!

Despite this tiny size, Schinoussa is an ideal destination for swimmers and sunbathers: there are 18 beaches accessible by trails, including some where nudism is tolerated!

Schinoussa has only recently developed its tourism infrastructure, but it's becoming more and more popular and is also reknown for its gastronomy. It's an island to discover as soon as possible, before it gets spoiled by tourist development.

Forbes Magazine ranks Schinoussa among the 6 Greek destinations you definitely have to visit... Hurry up before the crowd!

A detailed map of Schinoussa, usable without connection, is available in the free guide iNaxos for iPhone and iPad:



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