A mysterious desert island southwest of Antiparos, sister island of Paros.

Ancient human settlements have been excavated on Despotikó, which has been inhabited since the Cycladic Civilization, around 3200 BC-2000 BC.

During the 17th century, the island has been used as operational base by French pirates. Betrayed by the inhabitants, some of them were executed by the Ottomans and, as a retaliation, surviving pirates butchered everybody on the island.

Since then, Despotikó remained totally uninhabited. It is now protected by the Natura 2000 network (there is a colony of monk seals) and it is an archeological site.

You can reach this desert island with a boat from Agios Georgios (south of Antiparos) for a trek or to enjoy its beaches.

You can also accost it during one-day cruises around Antiparos, starting from the only port of the island (and from Pounta in Paros, port of the shuttle ferry to Antiparos).Despotikó

For more informations about Despotikó and to accompany you during your stay, download the free guide iAntiparos for iPhone and iPad (usable without connection and featuring detailed maps):



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