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Aghios Nikolaos Church (1)
The church is named in fact Aghios Nikolaos Ploussios, "Saint Nicholas of the Rich", to differentiate it from that of Saint Nicholas of the Poor, which is on the hill of Ano Syros. The monumental entrance already reflects this wealth...
Aghios Nikolaos Square (1)
We will now go through the small square of Aghios Nikolaos, which would be a charming place if it were better maintained and if it offered some benches to sit and dream for a while...
Aghios Nikolaos Square (2)
To finish in beauty this first version of our virtual stroll of Ermoupoli, we will now climb the steps and you will discover one of the most beautiful churches of the Cyclades...
Aghios Nikolaos Street (1)
To the right of the Apollo Theater, a marble-paved street climbs towards Aghios Nikolaos Church and the neoclassical Vaporia district, which was once the district of the rich ship captains.
Aghios Nikolaos Street (2)
We are here in the most picturesque part of Ermoupoli, in a neoclassical urban atmosphere far away from the atmospheres of the Cycladic villages...
Aghios Nikolaos Street (3)
We arrive at the corner of Ralli Street, which goes to the right towards the beautiful mansions of Vaporia, but we shall continue towards one of the most beautiful churches of the Cyclades.
Agios Nikolaos Church (2)
Entering this church always provokes a shock. Its colors and lights create a simply magical atmosphere. If you only have to visit one church in Syros, it will be that one.
Andreas Miaoulis Statue
Andreas "Miaoulis" Vokos (1769-1835), born in a family of shipowners, was an admiral and politician who commanded Greek naval forces during the Greek War of Independence. His nickname comes from "Miaoul", the name of the merchant ship he bought after selling the family ship.
Apollon Theater (1)
Thanks to Petros Vacondios, head of the Culture and Tourism Department of Ermoupoli, for allowing us to make these shots. Thanks also to Elena Papagouna for her invaluable assistance!

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Archaeological Museum of Syros
The tiny Archaeological Museum of Syros has only four small rooms but it is worth a visit. It is very interesting despite the small number of exhibits.
Chios Street (1)
Chios Street borders Miaoulis Square to the west and joins the waterfront. Our stroll will now go to this direction before turning to the streets leading to Kimisis tis Theotokou Church.
Chios Street (2)
It is here, at the corner of Karamanlis Avenue (which borders the south of Miaoulis Square), that you find the open-air cinema of Ermoupoli. Continuing straight, we cross the market and we arrive at the seafront.
Chios Street (3)
Chios Street is the picturesque market street, where stalls of fruits and vegetables, fish and meat line up. You will also find here all the traditional products of Syros.
Chios Street (4)
We arrive at Stamatiou Proiou Street, a long shopping street paved with marble running parallel to the waterfront. Continuing straight, we arrive at the seafront. Turning right, we go towards the church Kimisis tis Theotokou.
Eleftherios Venizelos Avenue (2)
Going up from the waterfront to Miaoulis Square, the avenue passes a long side street that is the main commercial avenue of Ermoupoli, paved with marble too.
Eleftherios Venizelos Avenue (3)
Just before arriving at Miaoulis Square, an alley opens on our right. It does not seem very inviting but it leads to an area where are grouped many nice bars, cafes and restaurants.
Eleftherios Venizelos Avenue (4)
We arrive at the impressive Miaoulis Square, where stands the Town Hall. It is one of the most lively and photographed places in Ermoupoli, lined with cafes and restaurants that invite you to relax.
Emmanouil Roidi Street
Going into the lane at the bottom of Melina Mercouri Street, you immediately turned left and arrived here, looking south. Continue straight on to Kiparissou Street and its large terraces.
George Gennimata Street
South of the square there is a series of shaded terraces and a taxi rank. We are looking to east. Continuing straight, we arrive at Melina Mercouri Street. The alley that opens to the right joins Kotsovili Street, which leads to the restaurants on Kiparissou Street.
Kiparissou Street (1)
We are in the heart of an area where you will be spoiled for choice for a drink or a meal. One of our favorite restaurants, To Petrino, is just a stone's throw away, keep going straight.
Kiparissou Street (2)
Here we are on the terrace of one of our favorite restaurants, To Petrino. Your dinner will be tasty and, if you have the chance to be here when there is live music, you will dive into the authentic Greek soul!
Kotsovili Street
We are looking east towards Kiparissou Street and its restaurants. On our left, an alley goes to Miaoulis Square. Behind us, the street goes to Eleftherios Venizelos Avenue.
Melina Mercouri Street (1)
At the corner of George Gennimata Street (which borders the south of Miaoulis Square) and Melina Mercouri Street (which climbs to the Apollo Theater), you will find alleys lined with bars, cafes and restaurants.
Melina Merkouri Street (2)
East of Miaoulis Square, Melina Merkouri Street goes up towards Apollon Theater. Dark pavement and marble sidewalks contribute to an atmosphere of old-fashioned charm. Going down the street, you'll find alleys lined with nice bars, caf├ęs and restaurants.
Miaoulis Square (1)
Paved with marble, Miaoulis Square is one of the most convivial places of Ermoupoli. Designed in the mid-19th century and named "Othonos Square", it took its current name in 1889, at the inauguration of the statue of Andreas Miaoulis. The impressive Town Hall, work of the famous architect Ernst Ziller, dates back to 1876.
Miaoulis Square (2)
To the west of the Town Hall, an uninviting lane goes up towards the small Archaeological Museum of Syros, which is hosted in the north-west corner of the building.
Miaoulis Square (3)
To the right of the Town Hall, a second equally elegant and sumptuous building houses the municipal library.
Miaoulis Square (4)
A last look at Miaoulis Square and we will now take the street of Chios which borders it to the west, to go south towards the waterfront.
Museum Entrance
The entrance of the Archaeological Museum is here, at the top of the alley. The museum occupies four small rooms at the north-west corner of the Town Hall.
Stairway to museum
The great contrasts of Greece: on the right, the grandiose building of the City Hall, very well maintained. On the left, complete decrepitude...
Vardakas Square
Apollon Theater is one of the most remarkable buildings of Ermoupoli. Its outside appearance is quite austere but you must definitely enter, it's a real jewel!
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