You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Boudari Beach (1)
You see here the beach of Boudari at the beginning of June 2019, still almost deserted. In high season, it is of course overcrowded!
Boudari Beach (2)
Paros will soon be as overcrowded as Santorini and Mykonos... If you want to have this beautiful beach for you alone, go out of season, just like us!
Drios Beach (1)
The beach of Drios is not very big but it is one of the most friendly of Paros. It is best known for its strange rock structures...
Drios Beach (2)
Some taverns and some accommodations make the beach of Drios an excellent choice for a stay away from the crowd of the big beaches of the east coast.
Drios Beach (3)
These strange rock formations do not look natural and some say these are prehistoric docks. In fact, the memory of their story has been lost over the millennia...
Drios Fishing Port
A small pier protects the tiny fishing port of Drios. Do not be fooled by the cars you see, parking here is almost impossible, the only access road passes along the taverns of the beach...
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (1)
Heading north along the coastal path, you will reach the beautiful beach of Chrysi Akti, nicknamed "Golden Beach", one of the most famous beaches of Paros. It's a superb stroll, do not hesitate!
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (10)
As you can imagine, these shots were not made in high season, when the hotels are full of vacationers... They were shot in early June 2019, just before the start of the season!
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (11)
All access to the small beaches below the coastal path are not easy. Here you can go down without fear!
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (12)
Even when the coastal path is lined with vegetation that masks the view of the sea, the stroll is very pleasant, especially in spring, when the countryside is in bloom.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (13)
The access to tiny beaches located below the path are not lacking, but we have not explored them all!
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (14)
We pass here in front of a path that goes towards the main road. Follow this path and you will discover Tonia Apartments, a complex of 3 apartments and 1 villa that we recommend for your stay. It is superb, very comfortable, and the price is reasonable!
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (2)
The coastal path begins just after this small beach. It runs along private properties and hotels, but it is public and it is a very nice walk.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (3)
You can reach the coastal path either by continuing to the end of the beach or by climbing the stairs hidden here in the greenery.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (4)
We are here at the end of the coastal path. You can reach the small port of Drios either by going down the stairs to the beach or by continuing the path to reach the beach a little further.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (5)
The coastal path runs along many properties and hotels that will make you dream of a stay on the east coast of Paros. During springtime, there are flowers all around and it's a real paradise!
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (6)
Throughout the stroll, the coastal path often offers breathtaking panoramic views of the endless shades of blue of the Aegean.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (7)
Studios and apartments abound along the trail. It is an ideal area if you are looking for a quiet stay in a grandiose environment.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (8)
The whole coast is in full tourist development but there are still large virgin areas... For how much longer?
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (9)
There are nice little beaches very easily accessible waiting for you, to be discovered preferably off season... of course!
Passage to coastal path (1)
This dead-end road leads to properties (including Tonia Apartments) and there is no public parking at the end. However, just before the last private property, a passage allows to join the nice path connecting Chrysi Akti and Drios.
Passage to coastal path (2)
We pass here in front of the entrance of Tonia Apartments, a beautiful set of 3 apartments and 1 maisonette with modern comfort. The ideal place for a relaxing holiday!
Passage to coastal path (3)
The road leads to a private property and, along the outer wall, a path leads to the seaside, about halfway between Drios and Chrysi Akti. The beginning of Golden Beach is actually less than 200 meters away.
Road to Drios Beach (1)
Our virtual stroll of Drios and Chrysi Akti, still very incomplete, begins for the moment here, at the beginning of the road that leads to the small beach that is famous for its strange rock formations.
Road to Drios Beach (2)
The distance between the main road and the beach is a little more than 400 m and the possibilities of parking are very limited, we recommend you to walk, the stroll is quite nice.
Road to Drios Beach (3)
The road makes little hooks and that's where you realize you did well to take it on foot, because the cars can definitely not cross...
Road to Drios Beach (4)
The sea is now within sight, one last straight line and we arrive at the tiny beach of Drios, lined with nice taverns.
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