You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (14)
We pass here in front of a path that goes towards the main road. Follow this path and you will discover Tonia Apartments, a complex of 3 apartments and 1 villa that we recommend for your stay. It is superb, very comfortable, and the price is reasonable!
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (15)
Even if more and more buildings line the coast, the landscape remains bucolic and authentic and you will not regret the stroll. Paros still escapes a galloping urbanization...
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (16)
Straitened between a very small cliff and a large field, this part of the trail offers a superb panoramic view of the sea and its infinite variations of blue.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (17)
A few steps go down directly to the western end of Golden Beach, a strip of sand that gets shaded as soon as the sun has gone past the zenith.
Drios-Chrysi Akti Path (18)
West of Golden Beach, a path leads to Drios Beach along the coast. It is a very nice walk of about 1 km which leads to the small fishing port of the neighbouring village.
Golden Beach (1)
This virtual stroll is still incomplete and we plan to extend it in 2019. It starts here, in the middle of Golden Beach, and takes you towards Drios.
Golden Beach (10)
The end of the beach, towards Drios, lies at the foot of a tiny cliff that provides some shade in the afternoon when the sun starts going down.
Golden Beach (11)
At the end of the beach, a few steps lead up to the coastal path that connects Chrysi Akti to the small beach of Drios.
Golden Beach (2)
This beach is actually called Chrysi Akti, which means "Gold Coast". It has not been nicknamed Golden Beach for nothing, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Paros!
Golden Beach (3)
As you can imagine, Golden Beach is very popular and you should avoid it during summer if you do not like crowds. To enjoy it, go in September, when the flow of holidaymakers has calmed down a bit...
Golden Beach (4)
We arrive here at a place that offers everything you need for an active beach holiday... or just to bask on the sand. There are studios just steps away, a very welcoming bar, a diving center and a windsurfing center.
Golden Beach (5)
We pass here in front of Rebel Beach Bar, the oldest of the beach since it goes back to the years 70-80. Good to know: formerly only accessible by the beach, the bar now has an access from the main road, with ample parking.
Golden Beach (6)
A few decades ago, travelers were still camping on this beautiful beach. Times have changed and nowadays you can have modern comforts in studios just a few steps from the sea.
Golden Beach (7)
The beach of Chrysi Akti is one of the 5 beaches of Paros who are awarded the European Blue Flag certification, which guarantees that it meets very strict criteria in terms of organization, cleanliness and safety.
Golden Beach (8)
Ideal wind conditions make also the beach of Chrysi Akti a perfect place to practice windsurfing or to take classes and discover this sport.
Golden Beach (9)
We are arriving almost at the end of the beach, near a passage which allows to join one of the access roads, where it is possible to park easily.
Golden Beach Parking
In this first version of our virtual stroll, we did not integrate the different access roads to Golden Beach. One of them ends near this passage to the beach, with the possibility of parking.
Passage to coastal path (1)
This dead-end road leads to properties (including Tonia Apartments) and there is no public parking at the end. However, just before the last private property, a passage allows to join the nice path connecting Chrysi Akti and Drios.
Passage to coastal path (2)
We pass here in front of the entrance of Tonia Apartments, a beautiful set of 3 apartments and 1 maisonette with modern comfort. The ideal place for a relaxing holiday!
Passage to coastal path (3)
The road leads to a private property and, along the outer wall, a path leads to the seaside, about halfway between Drios and Chrysi Akti. The beginning of Golden Beach is actually less than 200 meters away.
Rebel Beach Access
Go around Louridis Studios and you arrive at the back of Rebel Beach Bar and of Force 7 Windsurfing Center. The beach is just a few steps away!
Rebel Beach Parking
Another access road to Golden Beach leads to the parking of Rebel Beach Bar and Louridis Studios. It is a private parking but we do not doubt that you will want to have a drink in this friendly beach bar!
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