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Agia Parthena Church
We were lucky to shoot this panorama during the celebration of the Analipsis (Ascension), which took place on June 6, 2019 on the islet of Parthenos. Thanks to Manolis, from Oasis Studios, for inviting us!

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Between the beaches (1)
We are now taking you to the beach of Mikri Vigla, on the other side of the cape. Along the way, we will make you visit Oasis Studios, which you see a little further...
Between the beaches (2)
Oasis Studios are aptly named... Palm trees, a swimming pool, a bar and relaxation areas, comfortable studios, an exceptional welcome and breakfasts you will remember all your life... Go for it!
Between the beaches (3)
You don't have to go to Chora to buy your ferry ticket... We pass here in front of a small travel agency that will sell it to you, and at no extra charge... A half-day holiday won!
Parthenos Beach (1)
Our virtual stroll begins here, at the end of Parthenos Beach, the most windy one. It will follow the beach, cross the countryside behind the cape and end at Mikri Vigla Beach, the most sheltered from the wind. Happy stroll!
Parthenos Beach (10)
Here we are at the end of the beach. A little further, you see a small pier. It is from there that a shuttle takes the faithful to attend the celebration of Pentecost at the church of Agia Parthena, on Parthenos Islet. A small detour is worth the cruise...
Parthenos Beach (2)
The beach of Parthenos is a hotspot for kitesurfers, internationally known. When the wind rises, you will see them have a lot of fun and the show is guaranteed!
Parthenos Beach (3)
These panoramas were shot on a beautiful spring day, when the wind was moderate and the sea rather cold. That's why in this stroll you have the beach almost for yourself!
Parthenos Beach (4)
In the distance, you see the islet of Parthenos with its small church, where we'll invite you to take a walk when we reach the end of the beach.
Parthenos Beach (5)
The beaches on the west coast of Naxos are all beautiful, and the further south you go, the more likely you are to be able to avoid the crowds. Mikri Vigla is a very good choice!
Parthenos Beach (6)
On very windy days, you may prefer to go to Mikri Vigla Beach, on the other side of the cape. It is 700 m away and it is less exposed to the north wind.
Parthenos Beach (7)
Make no mistake: Mikri Vigla is a very well known and popular destination. The privilege to walk on a deserted beach, you will not enjoy it in July-August...
Parthenos Beach (8)
Our virtual stroll in paradise continues, between golden sand and crystal clear waters...
Parthenos Beach (9)
We will soon arrive at the end of the beach, where we will invite you to discover a beautiful desert island...
Parthenos Islet
An island off the beach of Parthenos, with a tiny church. From the beach, you see it in the background of kitesurfers' acrobatics and you may dream to tackle on it...

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