You can start the virtual stroll at the place of your choice by selecting a key location from the list below.
A shortcut to the seafront
From the road looping around the village, you can go down to the seaside by taking pleasant little paths across the greenery.
A shortcut to the village heights
To reach the top of the village, you can take one of the small paths that weave a labyrinth through the greenery. (At the moment, our virtual stroll shows you just one example.)
At the end of the main pier
Our virtual walk starts here, right at the end of the marina's larger pier. It will take you to the end of the beach and in the small secret paths of the village.
At the end of the northern pier
A small detour to the end of the pier to admire the panorama, before resuming the stroll on the seafront.
Batsi Beach (1)
Batsi Beach, with its golden sand and crystal clear waters, is just a stone's throw from the village center and the bars and restaurants that line the waterfront.
Batsi Beach (2)
From here, a shady path goes along the beach, so you don't have to walk on the road or in the sand.
Batsi Beach (3)
The path of the beach ends here, where the beach gets much more narrow. Further, the beach is a little more intimate and offers a superb panoramic view of the village.
Batsi Beach (4)
The beach continues, much more narrow but still with crystal-clear waters and fine golden sand.
Batsi Beach (5)
Along the beach, the road passes in front of an excellent restaurant, Cavo d'Oro, nestled in the greenery. A shaded oasis welcome when the sun is flashing!
Batsi Beach (6)
Batsi Beach ends here, in the shade of the rocks. Going up the stairs and continuing on the road, Kolona Beach is waiting for you further, but our virtual stroll ends here for now.
Bus Stop
The bus stop is here, with all schedules displayed. Crossing the road, you can reach one of the shady paths that connect the seaside to the top of the village.
In the maze of shady alleys
Between waterfront and village heights, shady alleys with some flowing streams create a real labyrinth. (Here, our virtual walk is a little imprecise and we will work on it during our next stay.)
Main Street
A view of the one-way road that makes a loop through the village (Batsi is not on the main road). Between this street and the waterfront, small paths weave a labyrinth in the greenery. This panorama was taken in front of the reception of Amorani Studios.
Sea Promenade (1)
Our virtual stroll passes here in front of a famous tavern, Stamatis, which veranda offers a bird's eye view of the marina and the bay. A good address that we recommend!
Sea Promenade (2)
The stroll goes in front of the small pier of the marina, at the end of which you will have a beautiful view of the village and the bay.
Sea Promenade (3)
Our virtual stroll continues towards the beach and passes in front of the stairs that go up to the excellent tavern Ta Delfinia (The Dolphins), which shaded terrace overlooks the sea promenade.
Sea Promenade (4)
Our virtual stroll passes here in front of Cavo Themelos, a very good restaurant which until 2017 was hidden in an alley of the village, behind Tavern Ta Delfinia.
Sea Promenade (5)
A little further from the north pier of the marina begins the long beach of Batsi, first quite wide and fully equipped, than more and more intimate.
Taxi Station
Continuing towards the beach, the stroll passes in front of the taxi station. The trip to the port of Gavrio costs 10 euros and it is possible to book a taxi, which will take you at your hotel.
The main pier of the marina
In front of the main pier of the marina, there is a large space where with a little luck you can park your car for free.
The small pier of the marina
You will also have a very nice view of the village from the small pier which is in the middle of the marina.
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