Immersive views of amazing landscapes, scenic beaches, picturesque villages, churches and monasteries, places full of history... Everything to make you dream of the Cyclades!

Three 360° strolls in Ermoupoli, Ano Syros and Finikas. We are still working on new panoramas shot in Ermoupoli in May 2019...
The capital of Syros is actually a double city: the lower part, where the port is located, is Ermoupolis, while the whole old town, stepped on the slopes of the highest hill, is Ano Syros, a picturesque maze of alleys and stairs. It's rather steep, but it's a must visit!
A very comfortable renovated hotel, overlooking a square where you will find a bus station, taxis, cafes and a bakery.
Ermoupoli is one of the most fascinating cities of the Cyclades. While Piraeus was still a fishing village, the port of Syros was the largest in Greece. Crowned by the old town of Ano Syros, Ermoupoli and its marble streets are a must for any trip to the Cyclades.
Ethrion Hotel is located in one of the most historic spots of Ermoupolis, where resided the old French consulate, in a quiet pedestrian alley.
Finikas is one of the most popular seaside destinations of Syros. Named after the ancient Phoenicians who used it as a port protected from the north winds, it is the second natural port of the island after the port of Ermoupolis.
Beautiful and comfortable apartments for your stay in one of the most famous seaside resorts of Syros. Quiet and close to the village and the beaches.
An excellent restaurant very close to Miaoulis Square. A large shaded terrace and a beautiful vaulted room.
When you get off the ferry, cross the road and take a few dozen meters to the right to find this travel agency that offers many services.
The Pictorial Guide of the Cyclades

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