Milos is nicknamed The Island of Colors as you will see thousands of shades, and deep white on blue contrasts, from Sarakiniko to Klima's multicolored fishing houses.

We shot many 360-degree panoramas in the most spectacular and picturesque places. You will not believe your own eyes!

We also created virtual strolls in Adamas and Pollonia, with virtual tours of local companies that we personally recommend.

One of the most beautiful beaches of Milos, ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is named after the small lake just behind, which means "Clam Lake". Continuing the road, you enter the western part of Milos, very wild and ideal for hiking, but the paved road soon becomes a dirt road.
This small lake is off the eponymous beach, which name means "Clam Lake". Further on lies the western part of Milos, very wild and ideal for hiking, but devoid of paved roads, where maybe you'll see the dangerous Milos viper (Macrovipera lebetina schweizeri).
The port of Milos (also named Adamantas) is located north of the inner bay of the island. Ferries sail along the coast, go to the deck to admire the amazing view! The village of Adamas is not extraordinary but its seafront is full of assets.
Hotel Dionysis is located just a few steps from the central square of Adamas, on the main street leading to Plaka. Nice and comfortable studios at very affordable prices!
There are so many amazing beaches in Milos that you'll not be able to say which one you prefer, but Fyriplaka will be high in your ranking. A paved road, a trail section, then you go down a path. The effort is worth it, you can quench your thirst at the friendly beach bar and the beach, partly sandy, is really scenic!
A small church perched on a spectacular rocky cape, a wind-sheltered bay with a beautiful sandy beach, crystal clear waters and typical fishermen's houses of Milos (the "syrmata") are the scenic setting you'll discover in Fyropotamos, on the north coast of the island.
Right next to the dizzying Papafragas Beach, Kapros Beach is much easier to reach. It's a narrow sea inlet that ends with a sandy beach, in a spectacular setting. Here, a second firth slides gently under a picturesque rocky arch.
With Sarakiniko Beach, Kleftiko is probably the most photographed place in Milos. Located near the south-west cape of the island, this former pirates' den can only be reached by boat. Access by land is possible, but by goat trails through wild landscapes where live the vipers of Milos... Up to you!
This multicolored fishing village is one of the most visited places in Milos. The houses are "syrmata", typical dwellings where the ground floor is a boat shelter, while the first floor is occupied by the fisherman and his family. Klima is not the only village of this type, but it's the largest and the most impressive.
One of the most beautiful fishing villages of Milos, with "syrmata" nestled around a small natural harbor, a pretty church, a tavern with panoramic views. No large beach but many picturesque spots to swim in crystal clear water. Wonderful!
A renowned fish restaurant near the center of Adamantas, on the seafront promenade. Stunning views of fishing boats, original decoration, delicious dishes.
Milos Fishing Trip offers a unique fishing experience in the most enchanting places of the island coasts. Starting from the port of Adamas in the morning, the trip visits inaccessible beaches and is suitable for all the family, including kids.
A tiny fishing port on the north coast of Milos, very exposed to the wind, with small sandy beaches, rugged rocky landscapes and a spectacular sea view on windy days.
One of the very good restaurants that line the waterfront east of the main square of Adamas, just a few minutes walk away.
If you want to discover why Milos is nicknamed "the island of colours", this is where you have to come, on the south coast of the island. This beach of golden sand, very popular, leans against an incredible multicolored cliff. With turquoise waters and blue sky, Paliochori is a feast for the eyes!
On the north coast of Milos, two nearby beaches are famous for their picturesque scenery: Papafragas and Kapros. They are located along the north road, 3 km from Pollonia. Papafragas is the most spectacular: a narrow canyon separated from the sea by a rocky arch. Difficult and dangerous access, vertigo guaranteed!
This long shady beach, partially equipped, is located east of the port of Adamas. Following the seaside, you will first find a series of taverns with nice terraces overlooking the water and then, just after the Mining Museum, begins the beach, drowned in the vegetation. A very nice stroll!
Capital of Milos and most beautiful village of the island, Plaka is a jewel set nearly 200 m above sea level at the foot of a hill crowned with a Venetian kastro and beautiful churches. It's a car-free village with nice surprises in its alleys. Don't leave without discovering the esplanade of Panaghia Korphiatissa and its amazing panoramic view!
Above the capital Plaka, the ruins of the 13th-century Venetian kastro do not offer much interest, but the walk takes you past beautiful churches and, at the top, a huge esplanade offers amazing panoramic views of Milos and the neighbouring islands. It's of course a great spot to watch the sunset!
Second port of Milos, Pollonia is not served by the main boat lines, it's the port from where the small shuttle ferry serves the neighbouring island Kimolos, right in front. With its beautiful beaches, nice fish taverns and many accommodations, Pollonia is the most important seaside destination of Milos.
One of the beautiful sandy beaches of the south coast of Milos, easily accessible and suitable for families. It is partially equipped, with accommodation and taverns nearby.
One of the very good restaurants of Pollonia, which terrace directly overlooks the long beach of the village. Breathtaking view of the countless shades of blue of the Aegean guaranteed!
Impossible to visit Milos without going to this strange beach, the most famous of the island. It's the most photographed place of the Cyclades, with the windmills of Mykonos and the cliffs of Santorini. The dazzling whiteness of the site, if it were not contrasted by the blue of the sea and the sky, would give the impression of being exploring the Moon...
This travel agency located at the port of Adamas assists travelers for everything, from boat tickets to accommodation, car rental and cruises around Milos.
Hotel Semiramis is a hospitable, family-run hotel in a quiet neighborhood of Adamas, capital and port of Milos, close to the village center.
A traditional restaurant that offers very good dishes at very reasonable prices, served on a covered terrace at the edge of water.
Trypiti is the village overlooking the catacombs, the ancient theater and the fishing village of Klima. There are good restaurants, with splendid views, and a beautiful church. There is a parking lot at the north entrance of the village, don't try to go through the village by car, the main street is narrow and it's impossible to cross or turn around.
If you are subject to vertigo, don't try to go to this beach, go to Fyriplaka, quite close and easily accessible. Here, you reach the beach by a steep path, with difficult passages where you hold on to a rope... Let's face it: we did not go down there...
Whether to cool off during the heat wave, have a drink or eat a bite, the Café-Restaurant Yankos is an ideal stop in the heart of Adamas.
Built by the Venetians in the 13th century, Zefyria has been the capital of Milos until 1767. Unfortunately, that year, earthquakes destroyed the city, releasing harmful gases that caused epidemics. The city was abandoned and nowadays it's a sleepy rural village around a beautiful church and the capital is Plaka.
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