After 3 shots, a supervisor of the archaeological site of Delos has forbidden us to continue shooting using a tripod...

It was in 2016, during our experimental phase, which culminated two years later in our large 360-degree projects.

Sorry for the disappointment (we are even more disappointed), the Sacred Island definitely deserves an extensive virtual stroll!

Maybe someday...

The Agora of Competaliasts, around its round monument dedicated to Hermes, was one of the main markets of Delos. The Competaliasts were the members of a brotherhood of freedmen and slaves who invoked as patrons the lares gods Compitales, Roman divinities of crossroads.
The Delos jetty, located not far from the ruins of the ancient port, has no tourist infrastructure, there is just the ticket sales building. Take some water and a hat before arriving, the sun hits hard!
The Terrace of the Lions, most iconic spot of Delos, in front of the Sacred Lake. During the Antiquity, there were 9 to 12 of them, lined up to watch over the Holy Way. Victims of the wear of time, they don't really look like lions anymore. By the way, the lions you see on site are copies, the originals are exhibited in a room of the museum.
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