Capital of the Cyclades, Syros offers three very different atmospheres: urban in the east with Ermoupolis and Ano Syros, dolce vita mood in the west with beautiful beaches... and totally wild in the north. Unique!
Aghia Varvara
This elegant monastery built in 1900 is worth a visit. You will see an exhibition of hand-woven textiles and you may be able to see the nuns working at the loom. The beautiful textiles created here are of course for sale and you can bring back beautiful souvenirs or wonderful gifts for your friends!
Aghios Dimitrios
In 1936, a resident of Ermoupoli had a vision that led to the discovery of an icon of Saint Dimitrios. This beautiful Byzantine style church was built on the site of the discovery, to welcome the boats arriving on the island. Since then, the ships arriving or leaving the port sound their siren when passing by and the priest answers them by ringing the bells.
Aghios Stefanos
This tiny chapel built in a cave opening onto the sea is one of the tourist attractions of Syros. The chapel is simple, but its environment makes it magical. Its access by a steep path is difficult and dangerous, not recommended if you suffer from vertigo. Be careful not to stay too late, the return by night is almost impossible!
Ano Syros
The capital of Syros is actually a double city: the lower part, where the port is located, is Ermoupolis, while the whole old town, stepped on the slopes of the highest hill, is Ano Syros, a picturesque maze of alleys and stairs. It's rather steep, but it's a must visit!
Delfini Beach
A beautiful beach north of Kini, more and more popular. A tavern, a bar, some accommodations. A few years ago, the road that led to Delfini was an awful dirt road, but it's now a concrete road and what was a rather secret place will probably become a bit too touristy, enjoy it while you can!
A small village in the heights of the port of Ermoupolis, off the main roads. A pretty church and a bird's eye view of the docks. Not much to see, in fact, but it's a nice and quiet place to escape the crowd and meditate for a while.
Ermoupoli is one of the most fascinating cities of the Cyclades. While Piraeus was still a fishing village, the port of Syros was the largest in Greece. Crowned by the old town of Ano Syros, Ermoupoli and its marble streets are a must for any trip to the Cyclades.
Finikas is one of the most popular seaside destinations of Syros. Named after the ancient Phoenicians who used it as a port protected from the north winds, it is the second natural port of the island after the port of Ermoupolis.
The most famous of all the beaches of Syros... therefore the most overcrowded! This does not prevent it from being really superb. Taverns, bars, hotels, a long sandy beach, equipped, where you will watch amazing sunsets. The seabed is sandy and gently sloping, so Galissas is a perfect choice for families with kids.
Do you feel like enjoying a sandy beach on a desert island? Off the airport, the island of Ghaidharos (also named Dhidhymi) is waiting for you! A flat island with just a lighthouse and three beautiful deserted beaches on its south coast. With some luck you'll have the whole island for you!
Cross Syros from east to west from Ermoupolis and you arrive at this beautiful seaside destination sheltered from the wind. Two beaches, some taverns along the shore, many possibilities of accommodation. An excellent choice if sea and beach are your priorities during your stay!
Formerly named Della Grazia, this big village was during the 19th century the summer residence of the wealthy Syriots. Nowadays, there is still some aristocratic atmosphere, with amazing mansions, often pretentious but always of great architectural interest. In summer, it's a nice seaside destination, close to many beaches.
San Michalis
The northern part of Syros is totally wild and ideal for hiking and discovering secret beaches. A little more than 1 km after San Michalis, it's the end of the road. To go further or down to the beaches below, take for good shoes, a hat and water. Before, take a break to discover the hamlet, its pretty church and its picturesque tavern!
Syros Airport
With its 1080 m long runway, the Demetrios Vikelas Airport, which opened in 1991, is served exclusively from Athens by Olympic Air and Sky Express. Its name honors a writer and businessman born in Ermoupolis, who was the first president of the International Olympic Committee from 1894 to 1896, before Pierre de Coubertin.
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