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Pictorial Guide of Paros, in the Cyclades (Aegean Sea), featuring practical information, photo galleries, slideshows, and embedded maps.

In the Cyclades, Paros is one of the most fashionable islands. With the opening of a new international airport in July 2016, the island may soon challenge Mykonos and Santorini, while maintaining its authenticity as the inhabitants are fond of it.

Beautiful beaches, traditional villages, countless opportunities for hiking, secluded places where you can enjoy solitude, very lively resorts, vibrant cultural life, alive traditions, fine restaurants, spectacular landscapes, exceptional wines...

Everything to meet your needs, whatever they are!

Very well served by ferries, the island is both authentic and modern, with well-developed tourist infrastructures. It is so attractive that, according to a 2012 survey, three out of four visitors go there regularly or following recommendations of their friends!

To use this guide, you don't need to be connected, except to get a route. It is fully compatible with iPhone, but full-screen photos are of course best viewed with an iPad!

It features photos, slideshows and panoramas of the best sites of Paros, ideas for tours and hikes, a list of all the beaches and practical information.

This guide is part of the new iCyclades Collection, iOS tourist guides created by travelers for travelers.

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