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Pictorial guide of Santorini, the most famous Cyclades island, featuring embedded maps, useful information, photos, and points of interest including beaches and winegrowers.

3,600 years after the explosion of its volcano, Santorini is not anymore an island, but a small archipelago with two inhabited islands, Thira and Thirassia.

Nobody knows how Santorini looked like before the explosion, or even what was its name, since the names "Strongyle" and "Kalliste" appeared later and remain questionable.

Some 3,600 years ago, the caldeira already existed, as the volcano had exploded several times during the past millennia. The island probably had the shape of a crescent, with a caldeira only open to the southwest.

Nowadays, Santorini is a small archipelago with two inhabited islands, Thira and Thirassia. The first is the well-known overcrowded tourist destination. The second, smaller, is much quieter, less touristic.

Santorini is (with Mykonos) the most famous destination in the Cyclades, the one that everyone wishes to see once in a lifetime. If you hate crowds, do not plan a stay during summer!

To use this guide, you don't need to be connected to internet, except to get a route.

It features embedded maps and photo galleries of the most scenic spots of Santorini, as well as informations about oenology and a map locating all wineries where you can taste the exquisite wines of Santorini.

To plan your trip to Santorini and get the best of your stay, we recommend two more apps: iCyclades (general info, climate, travel, gastronomy, oenology, and more) and GreekMaps (relief maps of all islands).

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