Northernmost Cyclades island, quite fertile, with many mineral water springs, some very nice beaches, and high mountains peaking at nearly 3,000 ft above the sea. Not too touristic yet... Don't wait!

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Relatively green when compared to the neighbouring islands, Andros is really worth a stay. Beautiful beaches and hikes in scenic landscapes will seduce all travelers.

It's the northernmost island of the Cyclades and, after Naxos, the second biggest and highest of the archipelago. Many sources make it rather fertile and the water of the Sariza spring, in Apikia, is even bottled and exported to other locations in Greece.

Close to the mainland (2 hours only with the regular ferry), Andros is obviously an ideal destination for the Athenians. However, it remains relatively unknown for foreign tourists. You'll fall under the charm, and you won't regret your choice!

Batsi is the main destination to enjoy dolce vita by the sea. The village stretches along the beach, with a beautiful seafront promenade.

The village is quite small, you will not find many shops. However, taverns and cafes abound, you'll be spoiled for choice! And as Andros is a popular destination for Greeks, there is perhaps less "tourist traps" than on most famous islands. (Of course we didn't test all restaurants!)

Chora, capital and main city of Andros, is located on the east coast, 32 km from the port of Gavrio. It's one of the most picturesque towns of the Cyclades!

It's in Chora that almost half of the island population lives. As a city of shipowners, it is full of lavish mansions and it is proud of its brand new outdoor theater, inaugurated in 2015.

Its oldest part is spread out over a spectacular promontory that is a real must-visit for all travelers. Alleys with beautiful neoclassical mansions, promontory ending at a square where the statue of the Unknown Sailor faces the old Venetian kastro islet...

On the road to Chora, about 1 km before Mesaria, a small road leads to Menites, a tiny village where you'll see the famous springs of Dionysus.

As you may guess, the name of the village derives from "Maenads", the female followers of Dionysus, god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, ritual madness, fertility, theatre and religious ecstasy in Greek mythology.

In a green setting, the water flows out of the maws of ancient lion heads. A very refreshing sight!

Menites is about 600 m away from the main road, if you visit Andros by bus, just ask the driver to stop at the crossroads, it's an easy walk and these fountains are definitely worth the hike.
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